False Ceiling

False ceiling is usually a secondary ceiling, adorned below the most (structural) ceiling. It’s conjointly called a drop ceiling, Alpine lift ceiling, born ceiling, or suspended ceiling. It’s a staple of recent construction and design. The world on top of the false ceiling is named the plenum area, because it is usually used for HVAC air comes back. The plenum area is additionally terribly usually wont to conceal piping, wiring, and/or ductwork.

We are occupied with assembling an extent of onyx dark roof, which is known for its more stupendous quality, unrivaled acoustic and warm lands. This roof is suggested in particular holy places, assembly rooms, theaters, dull rooms, open edifices, instructive foundations, gymnasia, retail outlets and so on. Our reach is accessible in changed sizes, width and fulfills to meet the differing decisions of customers.


From conceptualization to blueprint and from preparation to the final installation, our team will ensure that every part of your house is perfect as you desired. Whether it is something big such as the location of the rooms to the smallest of things such as the cabinet hardware placement, there is nothing. A growing number of homeowners.